Our Sustainability Efforts


Candid Going Green

Candid Worldwide is committed to protecting the environment by using recycled and sustainable materials to reduce our carbon footprint. As both an FSC certified business and PSEG Green Business Leader, we are dedicated to reaching the most strict social and environmental standards on the market.

Sustainability FAQ's

At Candid Worldwide, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. We prioritize sustainability by investing in eco-friendly materials, implementing green printing practices, and reducing waste throughout our production processes.

Candid Worldwide holds a FSC certification. FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council, which grants certification to businesses that are deemed environmentally responsible and have ethical production practices. This calls for yearly audits to ensure compliance with green printing standards. Candid Worldwide’s facilities are certified PSEG Green Business Leaders, recognized for our commitment to a sustainable industrial environment.

We use a lot of digital tools to help minimize waste in the design and production process. After events, our. materials can be reused and recycled. We work directly with clients to help extend their event collateral’s lifecycle with the ultimate goal of reducing waste.

Some of our sustainable materials include 3MTM EnvisionTM Print Wrap Films and Overlaminates which hold Greenguard Gold certification. We use only soy-based inks and partner with wind power paper manufacturers.

We continually invest in the latest eco-friendly printing technologies and equipment. This includes using energy-efficient machinery and employing environmentally conscious practices that minimize emissions and resource consumption.